Happy 10th Birthday, YouTube





Not yet a tween, but no longer under your thumb: the internet’s top video platform turned ten years old on Valentine’s Day. Maybe we were all about hearts and flowers on Saturday and weren’t paying attention…but YouTube’s milestone is worth noting.

Known today as one of the largest generators of internet traffic, YouTube has more than one billion unique monthly users. According to USAToday, it commanded 14% of all home internet traffic during the second half of 2014, and 20% of all mobile traffic.

No question, YouTube is a huge cultural force, as well as an arrow or two in the quiver of the multi-channel digital marketer. Hard to believe it all started in 2005 with co-founder Jawed Karim standing in front of some elephants at the zoo.

In honor of the big 1-0, we thought we’d flash back to 2012 for that year’s biggest YouTube sensation.

In addition, here are 8 good basics for using YouTube as a marketing channel, from our good friends at Mashable.

1. Partner With YouTube Celebrities Not necessarily “real” celebs—YouTube ones. YouTube users who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Look them up and partner with them based on the common interest of your product or service.

2. Link Back to Your Site The point is to generate buzz and create sales, right? So invite people back to your website at the end of your videos. Then, make it really easy for them by including a clickable link right in the video description box.

3. Fill Out Your Descriptions Thoroughly Google is YouTube’s Big Daddy. So it’s major SEO time with each video you publish on YouTube. Make sure to fill out every available empty box when you publish your video: title, tags, description, category.

4. Be Clever– Stand out! If you’re going to take the time to create a video advertising your business, it needs to have an edge. Be funny, be original, be daring

5. Tell a Story– Use visuals and customers to tell your brand’s unique story.

6. Highlight Your Fans With Fan Videos Referrals and word of mouth are the best advertising. Ask your customers to post short YouTube videos about their experiences with your brand — both positive and negative.

7. Create a Video Landing Page for B2B YouTube isn’t necessarily the best place for B2B videos. Create a video landing page and sitemap optimized for your company; you’ll get the video to rank and drive traffic to your site.

8. Maximize YouTube It’s not one-and-done. More is more. Be prolific on YouTube. The more often you post content, the more you will see traffic. It’s that simple.

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