We Are So Very Thankful, 2014 Edition

Here in direct marketing land, it’s hard not to catch the holiday season spirit at this time of year and hit the gratitude button.  In 2014 we have much to celebrate:

We are thankful for our client relationships.

As the Oscar winners say in their speeches, you all know who you are. We appreciate the opportunity to think about your businesses as if they were our own. You give us challenges that ignite our minds, skills and hearts.

We are thankful for technology.

Especially ours. The boom in digital technology has enabled us to create and develop unique offerings to grow our clients’ businesses through brand awareness, customer interaction, acquisition and conversion. Whether it’s an app, consumer digital platform or integrated multi-channel campaign, technology is at the forefront of our greatest wins.

We are thankful for creativity.

One of the greatest gifts is to be able to create every day. Building things—messages, content, new initiatives, design, innovative ways to save any resource, breakthrough strategies—is why we get out of bed every morning.

We are thankful for data wizardry.

Bringing together on and offline marketing for our clients is a Job’s task made simpler by our proprietary database and analytical skillset. A special shout-out to the Data Elf Team and their advanced technologies that improve the cost, process and execution management for end to end campaign delivery.

We are thankful for loyalty.

Smiles all around! CRM, social and loyalty programs are working! Ours are retaining customers, building winning brand loyalty and increasing brand awareness using multiple channels including social, content, membership and more.

We are thankful for the USPS mail boom.

Amazing But True file: USPS Standard Mail volume actually increased last year by more than 1 billion pieces. We never like to see a great channel grow old and decrepit, so congrats to the power of the postage stamp (or meter/indicia) as a marketing medium. May you live on in Integration City.

We are thankful for mobile.

My, what big phones we have now—the better to engage, buy/sell and communicate with, my dears.  Across multiple devices, we’re deploying campaigns and messages that capitalize on the unstoppable trend toward mobile marketing to build both brand awareness and customer interactions.

We are thankful for the planet.

A big round of applause for Mama Nature and the movement to serve her well in concert with our marketing and corporate agendas. We are proud to be on board with solutions that are centered on innovative sustainable products, services and initiatives while improving outcomes for the global environment.

We are thankful for no turkeys.

A great year, with much success and blessings.

Gobble gobble, all.

— —

Direct Choice Inc. is a full-service direct marketing agency that has worked with national and regional brands in a wide variety of vertical markets. In addition to this blog, you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


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