We just can’t say goodbye to Mad Men

Yes, the AMC show Mad Men was the topic last week. But in the wake of Sunday’s finale (no spoiler here), we have found an amazing interactive retrospective of our favorite show.

Rather than have to re-watch the last eight years, we choose to indulge in this wonderful little creation from Lionsgate, Google Play and Stinkdigital. The Mad Men Experience features a seamless navigation system that allows visitors to revisit important moments season by season. We enjoyed charting the evolution of the character over time with free streaming of the first episode.

There are additional heavenly features as well, such as histories of major characters and pieces on the various themes — music, feminism and the retro era setting.

This is constituted of 300 pieces of content, including scenes, photography, artwork and storyboards, plus commentary from the cast, the show creators and real-life Madison Ave advertising and marketing veterans from that time.

Impressive digital work, even if we weren’t into the show.

So pour yourself a Gibson, light up a Kent and click here to enjoy:

The Mad Men Experience

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