The re-marketing of Bruce Jenner, among others

Unless you’ve been on an island with no digital access, you’ve heard and seen the news about Bruce Jenner, “The World’s Greatest Athlete,” and his recent journey. Soon to grace the cover of the June Vanity Fair magazine, the former Mr. Jenner is now a social media phenomenon, having reinvented himself as Caitlyn Jenner. It was back in the 70’s when he first covered every major news periodical, along with the Wheaties box, after his Olympic gold medal decathlon win.

In between, Mr. Jenner had slunk into celebrity invisibility as a corporate motivational speaker, and then as the henpecked, hapless spouse/stepdad of the Kardashian juggernaut and father of girl-bait Brody. Now, he’s Headline News. As a brand, it’s a comeback story of sorts, isn’t it? Maybe the biggest comeback of 2015.

It got us thinking about comebacks in general and the marketing machinery that can turn it around for other major brands.

There’ve been a few this year so far.  Here are some, also noted by Business Insider:

American Apparel

New leadership and a return to the brand’s provocative advertising and marketing campaigns should restore this retailer to prominence.


Bad PR in the wake of the founder’s nasty comments about “fat women” and a yoga pants recall added up to a horrible 2014 for this yoga clothing retailer. Moving into menswear and a better price point should help them to turn it around.


So younger people want organic, and not grease. Redesigned restaurants with cooler, hipper spaces, and healthier menus with high-quality ingredients may help keep the arches golden.


Bringing in higher-end travelers, Midwest expansion and an emotional new ad campaign are set to help the airline fly higher.

Justin Bieber

The Biebs took a hit over the past year and half with bad boy antics that almost saw him deported back to his native Canada.  Recent mea culpas on Ellen, covering Men’s Health, a nod as Calvin Klein’s newest undies boy, and a clear campaign of redemption may take him off the list of endangered artists for the remainder of the year.


Massive customer data breaches were bad news for Tar-jay over the past few years. But they’re back thanks to the incredible success of ventures including Lilly Pulitzer for Target, queuing up customers at the doors at 3 a.m.

What are your thoughts?

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