RIP Adobe Flash?

Right now, the Flash plugin is standard operating procedure to view all the rich media ads running on desktops. But Flash’s decade long dominance is coming to an end, according to a recent piece in Ad Age. In fact, soon it’ll be tough to see banner ads requiring Flash.

We’re already in opt-in mode for many desktop Flash uses. Browsers such as Firefox and Safari are not huge supporters.

Many predict that the bell is tolling for Flash—with maybe six months to go before the major desktop browsers will have stopped natively supporting Flash. We marketers and advertisers need to catch up and adjust.

And it’s not just ad agencies, but other content distributors including AOL, HuffPo, Forbes, and even Ad Age itself who will have to ditch content in Flash.  The entire Flash never-ending download and upgrade process is now a lengthy, confusing and potentially security-risking enterprise.

It’s a looming HUGE problem. Ad Age predicts that if the major browsers were to disable Flash instantly, roughly 84% of banners across the internet would not be viewable on desktop browsers. So you click expecting to enjoy a visually dynamic video message, and instead you get a static old school banner.

Advertisers will have paid top dollar for a bottom dollar impression.

Solution? Advertisers need to set about using HTML5 now to create ads for mobile marketing. Creatives will find it pesky to design in HTML5 compared to Flash, for certain. Media buyers need to convince publishers to support HTML5 and its technical requirements.

Ad Age also says that HTML5 adds a new wrinkle for QC.

Each browser supports its own set of features from the HTML5 standard, requiring complete cross-browser testing on desktop and mobile units. Time and money.

Sp flash forward. Are you ready?

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