Social media fights back: the Bill Cosby cover

A big marketing and social media story today is the hacking of New York magazine’s website, which crashed yesterday due to it being “overwhelmed…with a distributed denial-of-service attack, overloading its servers with traffic,” according to the coverage in Advertising Age.

The much talked-about issue is covered by the Bill Cosby scandal, and what a powerful cover it is:

The bold cover features 35 alleged victims—with an empty chair signifying others who may still be silent.

The hacking story is equally big. A self-proclaimed “hater of New York City” who calls himself ThreatKing has taken credit for the crash. The site relaunched Monday afternoon. The hacker says he will do more damage to other institutions’ online presences, while saying he has no issue himself with the magazine and this week’s controversial cover story.

But it doesn’t end there: New York mag took to Instagram and Tumblr immediately after the crash to promote the cover story with audio excerpts from  their interviews with the alleged victims, as well as publishing the entire piece. The strong message here: we will not be silenced.

There is so much here in this one story: the nexus of celebrity, culture, social media and promotion, technology, freedom of the press, victim silencing/shaming, and of course, the sad central story of a fallen idol.

#these times.

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