Top 5 video innovations headed our way

Consumers of all types—individual and business—are increasingly driven toward visual content in all media. This taste for entertaining engagement is driving some amazing new ways to consume video content, according to DM News. Innovation is changing everything, with interactive video and virtual reality developments leading the way. Marketers would be well advised to emulate their brand counterparts who are breaking new ground.

The top five exciting new video and related technologies:

  1. 360 Cam

360-degree technology is akin to a hallucinogenic visual experience.

The exact opposite of linear storytelling, it brings the viewer into a warped perimeters world of viewpoints from all sides. These videos are everywhere thanks to YouTube ‘s enabling 360-degree playback on Chrome browsers and its mobile app. Marketers: high alert for the incredible high of this level of visual impact.

Watch here:


  1. Oculus Rift

Its purchase by Facebook for $2 billion put Oculus Rift on the radar. A gaming launch pad for virtual reality, it has spawned significant interest recently.  A potential change-agent. The Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display targeted at consumers.  It has a resolution of 1080×1200 per eye, a 90 Hz refresh rate, and a wide field of view.[3] It has integrated headphones which provide spatialized audio. Add in a six-degree freedom of rotational and positional tracking, and you get a sense of the perspective it delivers.

Watch it being tested here:


  1. Google Cardboard

Meet the Oculus Rift virtual reality competitor. Cardboard brings VR capabilities to any smartphone user, for practically nil.

Learn more about Cardboard here:


  1. Interactive Video

Sounds old school but this is new stuff. Interactive video has enormous renewed potential for viral marketing campaigns. If consumer engagement is what it’s all about, this could be the winner.

A superb recent example is the award winning  24-hour IA video by Pharrell Williams for his infectious hit “Happy.” It lets users go around the clock dial to see different people — including celebrities such as Steve Carrell, Jamie Foxx and Magic Johnson, as well as Williams himself — dancing around to the infectiously peppy song.

Watch the 12 AM hour piece here:


  1. Live Streaming

Broadcast an event live with watchers viewing from mobiles anywhere—that’s the streaming concept. Whether it’s a mundane stationary cam view or a full concert event, it’s a potential boffo win for marketers with the right mix of event and promotion.

With a subscription, you can watch here:


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