We’re good at channel management

This week’s Ad Age has a preachy piece on multi-channel marketing. In a case of “yup, we’re on it” we found nothing that new in the advice for agencies to own this aspect of the cross-channel approach.

“The number of channels brands can use to reach consumers has exploded in the past decade, and agencies have raced to catch up, fighting to stay proficient as a slew of leaner specialty shops fight for a piece of the pie,” the article complains. This tendency to award business to small specialty shops adept in such futures tactics as smartphones, tablets, wearables, addressable TV and out-of-home digital, AdAge opines, will leave agencies in its wake, pushing the same old campaigns and fighting for a seat at the cool kids’ table.

The answer, according to the piece, is for agencies to “invest in entirely new divisions focused solely on managing multi-channel marketing.” In essence, working as a caretaker of sorts with clients to responsibly integrate the messaging across multiple media and channels, even if the content is coming from various sources spread out across multiple agencies.

Unlike the Queen, we ARE amused. Our direct marketing DNA for the past five to six years has been all about channel management, without having to build on a new wing to the offices. Many of our clients have multiple data feeds from diverse marcom activities which when centralized become a precious and valuable asset.

We seek to answer complex questions about clients’ campaigns:

  • How are all these “oars in the water” working together?
  • What does our centralized approach to the data from all these channels tell us?
  • How can we leverage the metrics to tweak campaign elements quickly and in-market?

We agree with Ad Age that the capacity to deliver this kind of insight to clients represents a huge opportunity for both clients and agency alike.

We’re already there.

Direct Choice Inc. is a full-service direct marketing agency that has worked with national and regional brands in a wide variety of vertical markets. In addition to this blog, you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


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