Ad blocking: the mobile barrier before us

Hot off the press news in direct marketing and advertising: with iOS 9 for mobile, Apple will allow ad blockers into Safari, which will deliver a faster and more efficient browsing experience for the gagillions of iPhone users out there.

apple logo 10.8.15

No question, most of us are using hand-held devices for our internet trolling, which makes the timing of this intriguing: during one of advertising’s biggest seismic shifts—the massive movement of media dollars from traditional media to digital. Presumably, consumers not being able to actually see all these brand ads on their mobiles would be a major downer for marketers.

So is this a bad thing, or a good thing?

An interesting piece in Ad Age posits that the current mobile internet “doesn’t work,” for the following reasons:

  1. Less revenue for media owners and publishers than traditional channels, especially print. Unlike with TV or print, the greater the search and engagement online, the more ad space is created, resulting in an unlimited situation.
  2. Poor performance metrics compared to other channels. Because of the screen size and the focused behavior of mobile users, click-through rates and viewability suffer.
  3. Much of mobile is a slow, fraught-with-glitches experience for many consumers. Think of being able to access Wi-fi while browsing, or not. Think of aborted purchases due to phone or connectivity issues. Think of the still-significant number of websites that have not debugged all their mobile version challenges.

So what’s the solution? Next time.

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