Ads that make you cry

Just in time for Holiday 2015: is it the collective anxiety over our uncertain world? Is it the season, filled with memories of times and family long gone? Are we direct marketers and advertising types a bunch of softies? Or is it the need to open the tear ducts of the stoic among us? Whatever – this holiday season global advertisers appear to be going for the Big Cry.

Ad Age picked up on some of these.  We agree that sentiment can be an effective tactic when used smartly.  Puppies, sad kids, lonely old guys, the world reimagined, families of all types…all great fodder. Is the connection to the product strong enough? Does the Weep Factor motivate us to run out and buy? Only ad effectiveness and recollection studies will tell for sure.

In the meantime, we can get out the hankies, sit back and let these howlers rip.

What ads make you sob?

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