Clever, clever, clever: Zoolander No. 2 marketing

Okay, something a little less serious here.

Zoolander and Hansel—those fierce and famous male models—are duckfacing again, and it’s probably going to suck as a cultural watershed. But the marketing is actually…smart and funny. Zoolander No. 2  is coming to a theatre near just about all of us, whether we like it or not. And even if you’re not a fash follower, you gotta love the integration with actual fashion marketing that the movie’s promoters have stitched up.

And of course, we are all about integration. Especially when it’s turned on its ever-so-swanky ear.

First, there’s the Vogue cover:


Then talk about blurred lines:  Stiller—as Derek Zoolander–actually walked the recent Valentino runway. To the familiar strains of Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” and thundering applause and screams of recognition, he and co-star Owen Wilson/Hansel strode the oval catwalk sporting grimaces and the fashion house’s men’s luxury wear.

More integrated hilariousness ensues, in this Fiat Blue Steel spot:

Instead of traditional premiere ads, there are faux ones to stumble upon in high-end mags:

zoolander perfume2

The entire campaign is tres tongue-in-cheek, and a refreshing change from the usual hype.

Trash the trailer here:

What can we super-focused marketers take away from this creativity?

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