Only 18% of marketers use advanced segmentation in their email

Some interesting tidbits in a recent study talked about in DM News. Seems that the majority of marketers polled reported plans to use personalization in their email campaigns, but very few were putting analytics to work as well.

The study polled more than 1,800 email marketers in a wide range of industries. Some critical findings:

  • 57% of marketers will increase their email budget in 2016 and 28% plan to keep it the same; a mere 2% say they plan to decrease their email marketing budget
  • The highest open rates: consumer goods (41.4%), travel and transportation (31%), education (24.7%), vacation/hotels/leisure (22.3%), media (19.4%), and health and wellness (19.1%)
  • Lead generation is listed as the greatest benefit of email marketing, followed by improved sales (19%) and improved conversion rates (17%)
  • Email automation ranked high as a response driving tactic—75% say they use it
  • 58% use personalization techniques
  • 58% use some level of segmentation
  • Only 18% say they are using advanced segmentation
  • 42% reveal they don’t segment their email messages at all
  • Only 17% say they use responsive design

Amazing answer: A mere 21% of marketers across industries said that email marketing delivers an excellent return on investment.

Best practices that popped up—no shock here—include:

  • Track and test metrics
  • Holistic email marketing plans with broad strategies that include all messaging sources
  • Send frequency optimization
  • More authentic but compelling subject lines that don’t over-promise

How are you using email?

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