Postmodern marketing: how Trump gets attention

Whether we love him or hate him—and there seems to be no in-between—we’re standing on the sidelines shaking our marketing heads at Donald Trump’s self-promotion and campaign strategy. The man or his team or both get post-modern marketing, that is, the most-most-most latest trends and tactics.  His focus has been on live events, earned media and proactive speech–not exactly policy wonk stuff.

Again—not saying we like the guy. Or not.

According to Ad Age, postmodern marketing is “about the fact that consumers are drawn to brands that share their core opinions. It’s about aligning your brand with an opinion that’s of critical importance to your consumers.”  It’s a softer way, in a way—without tons of features and product benefits leading the sell. It’s more about tapping into a feeling.

It’s somewhat the same evolving strategy we’ve taken of “copy light.” That is, consumers are less likely in most cases to take the time to digest lengthy diatribes and brick-thick brochures. We live in the age of the sound bite, the five-second attention span, the digital click age,

So we are left with “feelings.” Everyone has them. So it’s a question of finding out how a core prospect audience “feels” about your brand versus the rest of the field, and then differentiating that data and turning it into a compelling and telegraphic message. In Trump’s case, that feeling appears to be anger. Middle America anger, to be exact, as Ad Age, posits. Anger at lost jobs, lost dreams, lost savings.

What can we as non-political marketeers do with anger as a tap-into consumer concept? Well, certainly not what The Donald has done.

But we can keep consumer angst in mind when marketing for banks (fees), health care (rising out of pocket medical costs, deductibles and hidden charges) and consumer goods (sticker shock).  These are just a few of the many categories where consumers are concerned, if not upset, at the state of things.

angry woman blowing steam coming out of ears

So, what are you angry about?

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