Yesterday’s much promoted tenth birthday party for social media staple Twitter was met with mixed feelings here at Direct Choice.  Has time really gone by so fast?

It just does not seem possible that the snarky upstart that began with a simple greeting from founder Jack Dorsey could now be a “veteran brand.”


Like other established social platforms, Twitter should seem forever enshrined in its rebellious, terrible-twos period. The very fact of aging appears at odds with social media in general, right?

More than three hundred million people worldwide use Twitter, and it hauls in more than $500 million each quarter. All the same, it has had its winter of discontent of late, with executive turnover and stock market losses based on slowed growth perceptions.

Still, the 140-character cocktail party goes on.

Having earned its props as a fomenter of peaceful protest in nondemocratic Third World countries, it’s also the first warning to concerned parents and friends of youthful depression and misguided intent. It’s a high-spirited daily diary for many, and a public billboard for celebrity wars and teenage bullying. For us marketers, it’s a unique listening platform and promotion channel—another arrow in our quiver.

Nice touch, BTW—sending out thank you messages to all Twitter members yesterday. Something to keep in mind.

So we raise our phones to the icon of a decade. Many happy #returns.

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