When the logo and name are right: The Villanova Wildcats


You gotta give us this one. After last night, we are all owning the 2016 NCAA Basketball Championship.  Villanova University, a couple miles down the road from Direct Choice, is the home of the Wildcats, and indeed, last night they were.

Clawing their way through a tough matchup with North Carolina, the Cats came out on top based on one of the most astonishing sporting finishes we’ve ever seen. The Tarheels’ Marcus Paige tied the game with five seconds to go, leaving Villanova’s Kris Jenkins to end it with a true Hail Mary at the buzzer. All over the area here (and the country), fans in living rooms and bars screamed and jumped for joy. As somebody said , “It ain’t ‘Nova till it’s ‘Nova.”

This morning the demand is high for Wildcats Championship gear. We’ve seen versions of the logo all over social media during the past few weeks. And a powerful logo it is – strong, visceral, and simple. The two-tone blue and white “V” is bold and muscular and with the addition of the incisors-bearing Wildcat himself, full of danger and aggression (but in a good way).

It started in 1926, with a contest involving the entire university. A football player named Edward Hunsinger came up with the idea of a Wildcat for a mascot.  The term “Wildcat” references a wide variety of feral felines including the bobcat, caracal, and lynx, most of which are indigenous to the Southwest.  According to Villanova’s website, “The term Wildcats is meant to convey the image of an animal that is successful in its quest to survive using its ferocious attitude, speed, agility, and alertness. The spirit of the Wildcat is embodied in all of our athletic teams.”

A good pointer for marketers and logo designers everywhere.


And in that spirit, we share…

The Legend of the Wildcat by Joseph A Finisdore (1996)

I am a Wildcat-
A symbol of Villanova.
Cunning, perseverance,
Strength, endurance-
I possess all of these.

I am a Wildcat-
Some call me a villain,
But, I am not-

I seek only to survive
Using my greatest weapon-
A fighting spirit
Given to me by the Creator.

I am a Wildcat-
I fear no one.
Though many have come to challenge me-
Few have defeated me-
None has ever conquered me.

I am a Wildcat-
Because of what I am,
You are!

And, you who would be Villanovans,
Before you do battle this day,
Look into yourselves and perhaps
You, too, will feel
The spirit that burns within me.

I am a Wildcat-


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